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Permanent memorials

A physical or permanent memorial in a cemetery or memorial garden has an important role to play in dealing with grief and is an important consideration when planning a burial or a cremation. 

Whatever your choices and preferences, we will help you to make the right decisions.


A viewing can be a special time for some families to say a private goodbye and pay respects to a loved one and in many cultures they are a standard part of the funeral service. Special items can be placed in the coffin by family and friends which can be a meaningful and heartfelt gesture.

We invite families to provide clothing for the deceased that captures their spirit – like their favourite team colours, or the gardening clothes they were always dressed in.

Holding a viewing is a matter of choice and we are happy to arrange for one at one of our funeral homes, at your church or any other appropriate venue, even the family home.

Graveside services (burial-specific)

Many families hold a graveside service as part of their farewell to a loved one. A graveside service can be part of a traditional funeral service, occurring after a service at another venue, or the graveside service can be the sole venue for the funeral service.

You can still personalise the service to your cultural, spiritual, emotional and personal preferences. You can have special music played, release doves into the air or add any other special touches you think appropriate.

Tobin Brothers Canberra are experienced at conducting graveside funeral services and will attend with respect and dignity.

Scattering or witnessing services (cremation-specific)

After a body is cremated the ashes are usually memorialised. Even when they are returned to the family for scattering it is common for a small amount to be permanently memorialised so that future generations have somewhere they can visit.

Growing in popularity is the gathering of family members to witness the scattering or memorialisation of the ashes. Tobin Brothers Canberra can assist you to arrange with your chosen cemetery a meaningful scattering or witnessing ceremony.

Inurnment Services (cremation-specific)

There are many ways to memorialise your loved ones ashes. Tobin Brothers' funeral directors have helped families make arrangements to take them home for display on a mantle, placed in a garden of remembrance or in a family mausoleum.

Our staff can inform you of the options available to you and assist you make a decision that is in keeping with the traditions of your family.

Family Gathering

A family gathering or ‘wake’ held after the funeral service can be an important time for friends and relatives to gather together. A family gathering is a time to share memories, help family and friends deal with loss and to provide hospitality for those who may have travelled a great distance to be at the funeral service.

You can choose one of the function rooms at our funeral homes, a hotel or club, or even your home.

Our funeral directors can help remove the stress of putting on a family gathering by assisting in the organising of the occasion for you. We can help you with venues, catering and staff so you and your family can concentrate on your guests.

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